Wednesday, May 16, 2012

E+A = My favorite connections

Watching the videos from the European Championships in Brussels gave me a new appreciation for Vanessa Ferrari.  I've been back and forth whether I really like her or not since her big questionable win in 2006.  I do respect that she's served in the military, she's of an older age (for female gymnasts), and that she's RELENTLESS with tweezing her brows.  But there's just always been something I didn't quite like about this little cannoli.  I take it all back now.  She's the definition of ferocity in WAG right now.  This FX just proves it.

I mean... besides her great form in her double-double mount... THAT SECOND PASS?!?!  It's an E + A which gives it a +.2 bonus, which I don't think is nearly enough.  There should be some originality bonus for this rare connection.

It reminds me of another favorite floor worker: Anna Myzdrikova.  Whee the hell is she?  She was only really around in 2009 (minus being an alternate to teams and some minor universiade success).  She fierced an E + A skill that is still one of my faves.  The second pass...

I'm learning to excuse her pepto-pink leo, cause that tumbling makes dis dude hap-pay.

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  1. Good news, it looks like Myzdrikova has re-emerged! She placed sixth in the AA at the Russian Cup. Please don't be another Myzdrikova...anyway that 2009 floor routine is my favourite of this quad and probably ever, love the fact you included it.