Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Secret Classics: Strong enough for a man, butt PH balanced for HUH!!!

Oh the Classics.  How I love thee... but also, how I hate your guts.  Let's start with the LOVE!!

Love:  Our first look into the depth of what the US has to offer in Londontown.  With 9 former world champions/medalists and a slew of new talent, it is truly an exposition of our stremph.  The new senior have SOOOO much to prove if they want to take the place of the veterans.  And the Veterans have EVEN more to prove.  They have to prove they're still somewhat relevant, in shape, and recovered from whatever injuries they've had.

Favorite newcomers:

The Finnz:

Powerhouse Price:

Double front pike Brenna:

I know that the last two have a SLIM chance of making the Olympic team, but I can't wait to see the show they put on.

What I HATE about the classics:  Where the hell is the all around?  Almost NO ONE is competing on all 4 events.  There's no pressure to.  There's still 2 more meets to determine the team, so everyone is "saving" themselves.  I always feel bad for gymnasts like Raisin and Vega who go all out and compete everything, and seem to get little to no recognition for it.  Liukin is only doing beam (and probably a watered-down set at best), Wiebz is only doing two events, and Maroney is rumored to only do a couple as well.  I want to see these girls go ALL OUT!!  If I was on the selection committee, seeing that someone is already ready to go, with only needing some cleaning up, on all four events would stand out so much more to me.  Anyone agree?

Also a major player in the classics is the uneven bar event finals.  Here's a rad article highlighting that event:

Can't wait for Saturday!!


  1. I completely agree that gymnast who are hoping to make the team should do the AA. However, I'd give Wieber a bye because she's practically a lock for the team... she has already performed her upgraded Beam set, I believe she'll only do Bars and FX here, again to try out her new upgrades (double-double on UB?!? and DLO on FX?!?)... Now, if I were Kyla Ross and Sarah Finnegan, I'd do the AA to argue my case before USAG for the that coveted 2nd AA spot! It would give them a boost of confidence if they can beat Raisman 2 weeks before Nationals

  2. Totally agree about the AA thing, or lack-there-of. Maybe someone should open a gym that only has Vault.............