Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So i realize this is the NCAA Gym off season and we are now only focused on those gals who are not yet of age (and grandma Chuso), but let's take a lil' break from the "home schooled" darlings to check in w/ some current NCAA starz.

Sam Peszek. Girl....HELL YES! Work it out with that no handed beam routine complete with a standing full! The floor routine to "Welcome To the Jungle" complete with the Axel Rose scream vocal? Rock out boo! The freshman season was a bit oofey with injuries but you came back BIG MAMA! Like bench press and leg press twice your weight big. YES!!!

Shayla....chyld...Maybe Suzanne coming out of retirement (is that happening?) after Jay Clark's (effed up) dismissal will get you to PULL IT 2GETHA!! Girl......the falling? Ooof. The "hit" percentage is nawt cute and the NCAA gymternet is NOT HAVING U. I know you sometimes serve us 9.95s on beam and GORGEOUS flo choreo, but.....girlllll. Pull it together for your senior season! Learn a one armed Onodi on beam and raise a middle finger to all the doubters with the unused arm!!

Awww cute....here they are in Elites bein' all cute!

But now all I see is THIS:

I meaannnn oooooof!:


"OK Sam let's move on to that Onodi with one arm in middle finger position that was suggested on GymQueenzLive."

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