Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gagging for HUH!

Until the 2011 nationals, I had never really heard of one Mizz Sarah Finnegan.  Now she's one of my favorite picks for the 2012 Olympic team.  She's throwing some amazing skills on Beam, is rumored to be training an Amanar, has a respectable bars set, and most of all is GIVING IT on floor.  She's has that gorgeous presence that GAGE is known for similar to elite-level Courtney McCool and Terin Humphrey... Only with more difficulty.  We here at GQL lived for her FX in Jesolo this year, and if she really upgrades to a double-double mount on floor, she may such a factor this year.

Here's the Jesolo FX:

Looks like helmet-hair Armine can teach some grace!!

And that Dos Santos mount is sickening.


  1. SHE NEEDS TO UPGRADE HER BARS!!! With beam and floor as her strongest event, she's going head to head with Raisman... If she can manage a 6+ SV on bars, that'll put a huge advantage for her, because technically she's a better gymnast than Raisman... However, she has to prove that she's mentally tough and consistent, which is Raisman's strength

  2. I completely agree... Her bars are pretty, just farrrr too easy. Since there really is only one realistic spot for a beam/floor specialist, I'm sure they'd go with Raisin. Sarah's got the elegance, but Raisin's got the experience and the international judges already know her. I mean, we all know Raisin's got the all the grace of a moose, but she's kinda already earned her way... UGH. Can't WAIT!

  3. Well it has been said that both Raisman and Finnegan can still make the team together at the expense of Maroney! If that happens... The US team will absolutely KILL FX! Wieber-Finnegan-Raisman with SV between 6.2-6.4... However, I refused to acknowledge a US team without Maroney! Though technically she is the gymnast in the "bubble" right now!